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Smaller Class Sizes

Updated: Mar 5

Full Armor Christian Academy prides itself on small class sizes. Our small class sizes allow our teachers to fully meet the learning needs of every student. It stands to reason that each student will have three times more individual face time with their teacher. This type of educating is critical both for development of skills in for inspiring students to live a life of service for Jesus Christ.

What are the benefits of small class size? 

  1. Students have the chance to participate more often and build self confidence.

  2. The development of better student-teacher relationships–instructors can help reinforce lessons when needed or encourage and challenge students to work ahead according to individual abilities. 

  3. Learning differences are more easily identified in smaller classes, leading to earlier intervention which can be beneficial. 

  4. School attendance and good student behavior tend to be better and more consistent in a small setting.

  5. In smaller classes, students are encouraged to practice empathy and tolerance as they must learn how to respect and get along with one another despite their differences–there is no escaping into the folds of a larger group.

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