• Josh Woolridge

Why did we go to a Four Day School Week??

We are excited and looking forward to our four-day school week. The number one reason of switching to a four-day model versus a tradition school five-day school week is FAMILY.

Full Armor provides families opportunities to spend time together with each other, friends, and hobbies. Cultivating time was a big factor as well. Older students can spend time engaging in resume building, volunteerism, or paid work. Teachers have more time to prepare lessons and collaborate during the day. In addition to these, having an extra day each week to schedule appointments and family trips results in improved attendance. After all, when each day counts as 25% of the learning, students are less likely to miss a day. Looking forward to a three-day weekend each week leads to greater work-life balance for teachers, which leads to improve the staff morale and a positive impact on what is taught in the classrooms.

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