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Class of 2023
23-24 Ninth Grade Field Trip
23-24 K4 Field Trip
23-24 SYATP
23-24 High School B2B Expo
23-24 Volunteer Work Day
23-24 Upper Elem Field Trip
23-24 FFA Mum Sale
23-24 Cross Country
23-24 Volleyball Action Shot
23-24 Middle School Change a Tire

Full Armor Christian Academy is a non-denominational, biblically based K4 - twelfth grade private school. Established in 1994, Full Armor is proud to be accredited by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). ACSI accreditation provides a national benchmark for Christian schools, measuring standards, performance, integrity, and quality.  Schools are measured against nationally accepted best practices and standards.  The evaluative process scrutinizes the following areas: philosophy and foundations, board governance, administration, personnel, instructional program, physical environment, health and safety, guidance services, family, community, and student support.  The accreditation process assists schools in achieving a standard of excellence and encourages a continuous process of assessment and ongoing institutional development.


Our mission is to foster the Christian walk of each and every student. By uniting families, churches and Full Armor, our students are able to reach their fullest potential in Christ. Our philosophy is the belief that the foundation for all learning should take place on Biblical Truth. The founders of Full Armor and those to whom it has been entrusted confess and affirm the central beliefs and truths of the Christian faith and seek to honor those truths in every aspect of school life. We place a great emphasis on creating an environment conducive for learning. Qualified, caring teachers, small class size, and carefully selected curriculum reflect the philosophy that the most effective form of teaching is one that teaches students how to learn and encourages them to want to learn.





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